All-Inclusive Escape Lounges Open At Sacramento International Airport

Tired of sitting shoulder to shoulder at your gate before squeezing into your seat on the plane? Now you can relax at one of two new “escape lounges” at the Sacramento International Airport in both Terminal A and B.

The all-inclusive lounges are open to all passengers for a fee, $45 for walk-ins and $40 for online reservations. Also, if you’re an American Express cardmember or AAA member, you can get extra discounts.

Once you’ve paid your fee, travelers can get unlimited amenities including hot and cold food and beverages, plush and relaxing seating with ample power outlets, high-speed Wi-Fi, up-to-the-second flight information and access to 7,000+ digital publications in 60+ languages from 120+ countries as well as traditional printed media including GQ, Vogue, Newsweek and USA Today…

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