Dynamic Parking Prices & Online Reservations Prove Popular at Ontario Int'l

Ontario International (ONT) wasn’t looking for a digital parking upgrade. In fact, the Southern California airport was focused on adding a new lounge. In the end, it got both by issuing a request for proposals with intentionally wide parameters.  

“I wanted to accomplish two goals,” explains ONT Chief Executive Officer Mark Thorpe. “We needed a new lounge for China Airlines, but we were open to other creative business proposals, too. MAG USA offered to build an Escape Lounge and also help us grow our parking revenue. It was a double victory in that sense.”

Parking is a key issue at ONT due to rising enplanements driven by continual expansion in the area. Located about 40 miles east of Los Angeles and 20 miles west of San Bernardino, ONT is in the heart of one of the fastest growing population centers in the U.S.—an area also plagued by notorious roadway congestion. Moreover, the airport draws steady tourist traffic from Disneyland in Anaheim. Last year, ONT served more than 5 million passengers….

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Airport Improvement
By: Kristin Vanderhey Shaw