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Retail and Terminal Developments

Putting Customers at the heart of the airport experience

P3, retail and terminal developments that transform the passenger experience have played a major part in MAG’s commercial success and customer satisfaction.

Our expert team based out of Chicago are now on hand to bring this experience to the US market. Talk to us about how we can help your airport maxmimise its true retail potential.

Whether it is a P3 or traditional development, our industry-leading retail and marketing expertise elevates the customer’s journey through the airport. With 75 years of experience in large-scale redevelopments in UK airports, we pride ourselves on innovative terminal layouts and store designs, continually delivering commercial and passenger experience improvements.

• Proven track record in transforming passenger experience and boosting revenue growth
• An individual approach to each project, adapting to airport needs, market conditions and passenger requirements
• Experience in simplifying processes and creating more opportunities for travelers to enjoy the airport’s retail offering

Public-Private Partnerships

Terminal Developments with your customers in mind

At MAG, we are not just terminal developers; we are airport operators. We are able to deliver our operational expertise to airports, understanding how our developments need to interact and integrate with the airport as a whole.

With experience in large-scale redevelopments within airports serving from 700,000 to 20 million passengers a year, we do not have a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach. Approaching each project individually, we tailor the solution to match everything from individual airport needs to specific market conditions and particular passenger requirements.

Our approach

Whether it is a P3 or traditional development, MAG has a proven track record of delivering projects on-time and on budget. We cultivate strong relationships with established airport stakeholders including airlines, local communities, car rental companies, retail operators and many more. This allows us to design and build terminals with their needs in mind.

We strongly believe that the overall passenger experience should be a holistic journey from end-to-end, more than simply a collection of individual airport interactions. We plan our developments with the customer’s entire journey in mind, ensuring it is as smooth as possible. Car parking, check-in, security, retail and the gate experience are all planned to the greatest detail.

Putting customers at the heart of the airport experience

Ambitious plans, expertly executed

We have an ambitious terminal development scheme, allowing us to create vastly improved airport facilities and enhanced passenger journeys. We have a versatile offering, which means we can adapt to the individual needs of different airports.

Manchester Terminal 1 Redevelopment

This project simplified the departures process at Terminal 1, reducing passenger processing time and creating more opportunities for passengers to take full advantage of the expanded retail offering.

Arriving soon at Manchester Airport

With an investment of $1.5billion, Manchester is all set to become one of the most modern and customer focused airports in Europe, demonstrating the importance of the city as a global gateway.

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Passengers are no longer looking at airport terminals as just transit hubs they have to pass through.

We create seamless and engaging experiences putting passengers in the right mood and making airports into retail destinations in their own right. However, to maximize your returns, any redevelopment we do cannot stand alone: it has to be integrated into an end-to-end airport approach.

Our in-depth knowledge of our passengers puts us in a great position to cater to their needs.

We work hard to understand passengers, conducting detailed research at the beginning of every project, which leads to a radically different approach to airport shopping. With many years’ experience in building strong and effective partner relationships, we pride ourselves on innovative terminal layouts and store designs and continually strive for improvement in every project we undertake.

We have a great deal of experience in large-scale redevelopment and recently completed a $122m terminal development project at London Stansted Airport.

Talk to us about how we can transform the retail experience and drive revenue at your airport.

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