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Transforming Airport Parking

Airport Operators With Our Feet Squarely On The Ground

At MAG, we are not only concerned with what is up in the air. We know our cars just as much as we know our planes, and as such we are acutely aware of the challenges facing the airport car parking sector. Increased competition from public and private transport, a rapidly-evolving digital landscape and customers who are ever more demanding (better quality, lower price), all place significant risks on one of the largest sources of revenue for US airports.

Innovative Parking That Actually Pays

Parking lots have to make an airport money, and that is why our entire approach is commercially and service focused. We look at things from a passenger’s perspective, understanding exactly what they want, so that we can provide it to them. It’s not enough to only have one insight into parking operations alone, we have ensured that we have also become market-leading experts in revenue management, car park systems, e-commerce, IT and marketing, all so we can deliver unparalleled performance.

Pricing Plans That Put Passengers First

Convenience, and at a competitive price

Customer needs are ever changing. We understand that we must tailor the services we offer to cater for specific customer requirements, whether that customer is driven by cost, convenience or both. A one-size-fits-all approach to pricing is almost certainly not appropriate.

This is why we developed dynamic pricing strategies, e-commerce platforms and business intelligence tools that cater to a broad spectrum of passengers, properly optimizing product pricing while maximizing revenue.

Dynamic pricing allows us to implement demand-based price increases and decreases, opening up the market to more price sensitive consumers and helping to manage demand. This way, we can focus on making our pre-book rates cheaper than our roll-up rates, adding value to the concept of pre-booking to encourage more people to get their reservations in early.

Revenue Management That Makes An Impact

A Plugged-In Team With Its Finger On The Pulse

Fundamental to any parking lot success is a dedicated, experienced team that knows exactly what’s going on in the industry. We have that team; a group of commercial experts whose job is to make your life easier by:

• Adopting real-time, occupancy-based pricing strategies
• Introducing price-entry products to stimulate demand in new or stagnant markets
• Optimizing revenue via daily and hourly pricing analysis
• Identifying market segments that can healthily sustain price increases

But it doesn’t stop there. We keep on top of things, performing ongoing analysis of our customer base. This allows our teams to maximize ROI by making informed pricing decisions based on passengers’ previous behaviour and trend interpretation.

Making All The Right Moves

Multi-Channel Marketing To Better Reach Your Target Audience

Customers are savvy creatures in the modern digital world. A traditional approach simply isn’t going to cut it, as waiting for ‘roll-up’ customers is no longer a feasible business model. Instead, we advocate aggressively promoting pre-bookable products, making people aware of our various offerings through a whole range of channels.

UK Distribution By Numbers

As well as extensive car parking distribution reach in the UK, we invest heavily in paid search (PPC) and natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activity, ensuring we hold the number one position in all the key online search terms we need.

Superior Systems

Technology you can trust

With any online-based airport feature, you need systems that back you up, not back you into a corner. That’s why we invest heavily in testing, ensuring we always have the ability to quickly adapt to market changes. However, e-commerce is only one part of true revenue management. Data warehousing, visualization and optimization tools, inventory control, data analytics, experienced yield managers and IT teams are also required to effectively combine people, process and systems. With us, you get it all.

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E-Commerce That Stay Aheads Of The Curve

Sector-Leading Commercial Strategies That Really Deliver

An e-commerce system that’s out of date is never going to bring in the revenues you expect, which is why we work hard to remain sector leaders. We continually increase our market penetration through the use of advanced MI tools that help build a best-in-class booking engine and a customer centric online experience.

• 147m web views a year
• Simple 5-step booking process
• Multiple payment options, including
• Fully responsive website design
• In-depth user experience and content reviews

Ongoing Development

But we don’t stop there. In the e-commerce world, the minute you stop moving is the moment you are left behind. A continuous program of IT development means we’re constantly rolling out an array of commercially-focused initiatives, including:

• Introduction of system driven bucket pricing and quota system
• Full reporting suite
• Continuous test and evolve strategy for our booking journey
• New Manchester Airport app - people can use it to book, browse departure times and locate their vehicle on returning

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Tailored Solutions, Expertly Delivered

Products That Put You In The Driving Seat

Every bit of research we’ve conducted shows that customers are preoccupied with two things when booking airport parking: cost and convenience. We put that at the heart of our offering, developing a variety of parking products to suit all budgets, from high-end ‘Meet & Greet’ to low-cost ‘JetParks’. In addition to being highly profitable, our car parking services greatly improve the traveler’s experience, which is reflected in our exceptional ASQ scores.

'Meet & Greet'

‘Meet & Greet’ is our branded UK offering, a volume ‘valet’ product which recycles prime real estate with easy terminal access, storing customer vehicles in a location away from the terminal. This particular product offers an unparalleled customer experience, but at a competitive price. We can operate up to 6,000 vehicle movements a day at Manchester Airport and ‘Meet & Greet’ now creates in excess of $30m in annual revenue.

Benefits for the Customer

• They drop the vehicles off, we do the parking for them 
• No time lost searching for a space
• Hassle-free parking
• Walk straight to check-in

Benefits for you

• Improved customer satisfaction
• Recycling prime parking spaces up to 10 times per day
• Regain market share from off-site parking operators by offering an official alternative
• Flexibility of being able to store vehicles away from prime terminal real estate
• Reduction in need for building new parking garages


This is a low-cost ‘park and ride’ product, aimed at the leisure market for longer stay durations. It is marketed as a low cost,safe and convenient product, which now parks 20,000 vehicles during peak times at Manchester Airport. JetParks benefitsfrom its own website and has been successfully positioned asa competitor brand to the main off-airport competition.

Benefits for the Customer

• Cost-effective - no additional booking fees, no hidden charges
• Quick, no-fuss, car park booking service
• Safe and secure - fully-manned 24/7

Benefits for you

• Generate revenue out of existing underutilized land
• Low operating and maintenance costs
• Centrally controlled via simple-to-use web portal

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Head of Business Development

Car Parking Services

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